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Here at Avenue Richmond we have a busy family life with two young, energetic boys. 


When I was pregnant with my second son I started to research what candles were safe to burn whilst pregnant.  I soon came to realise there are a number of essential oils that are regarded as unsafe during pregnancy, and others that can really help with the emotional and hormonal rollercoaster of growing a little human.


What I wanted was a non-toxic, clean burning and safe during pregnancy beautifully fragranced candle that could evoke the senses with positivity, relaxation and calm. 

With this in mind I am thrilled to be collaborating with a new mama who has had her fair share of challenges trying to grow her family.

Keeley, aka Trying to be a Mum, is passionate about sharing her story, helping others navigate the rollercoaster of IVF and consequently egg donation, and raising awareness around infertility as a whole. 

See more about Keeley on Instagram @_tryingtobeamum_

Together, we wanted to create something for those trying to conceive, for those currently expecting and for new parents. 


We are excited to launch...



...a 100% soy wax and essential oil candle range designed to help restore balance and calm, reduce feelings of tension and improve sleep - something we all want!

Keeley Dwight.JPG

Let the light shine bright with a beautiful blend of Grapefruit, Bergamot & Ylang Ylang pure essential oils that will help to ENERGISE, INVIGORATE and UPLIFT your spirits


night in

Evoke the senses with a blissful blend of Lavender, Bergamot & Frankincense pure essential oils that will help to RELAX, DE-STRESS, promote POSITIVITY and encourage a good night's SLEEP


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